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Introducing The Brobeck Solar Energy Debit Card
by Bill B
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source: ECOTOPIA

The Brobeck Energy Debit Card
•• Dec. 31, 2006 •• SolarQuest® iNet News Service •• The Brobeck Energy Debit Card

The Path to U.S. Energy Independence

The Brobeck Energy Debit Card presents a significant financial incentive to all who allow a solar electric energy system to be installed at their home and/or business.

Brobeck Solar Energy will provide for the design, procurement, installation, operation and maintenance of the solar electric energy system at no cost to the building's owner. In addition, each Brobeck Solar Energy customer will be issued the patented Brobeck Energy Debit Card and monies will be credited to their Energy Debit Card account for each kilowatt-hour ("kWh") of electricity generated by their solar electric (PV) System. The Brobeck Energy Debit Card can only be used to purchase energy related goods and services. For instance, our customers will be able to use their Energy Debit Card to help with the purchase of a new air-conditioner or heating system, low wattage lighting, double pane windows and other energy efficiency improvements. The card can also be used to purchase other products, such as gasoline, natural gas and public transit passes.

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