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Vision and iNet News Contribution Mavis Donkor
by Mavis Donkor
US / Africa Energy Ministers Conference
source: Village Power 2000

Tucson, AZ •• Dec. 4, 1999 •• SolarQuest® iNet News Service •• A stable energy (electricity) supply is very crucial to the health, development, progress, and stability of a nation. My vision for the African Ministers Energy Conference is for the Ministers to realize the tremendous importance of steady and sufficient energy supply. To this effect, I would like to see the conference convince the ministers to come up with, step-by-step procedures including a time table and finances for planning and implementing this project.

The Ministers should unanimously impress on the United States to financially support them to achieve a sufficient continuous supply of energy with less contamination of the environment as experienced during the development of the industrialized nations.

West Africa especially experiences almost 365 days of sunlight. Therefore, I would like to see the Africa Energy Ministers Conference impart energy issues in Africa in terms of providing renewable ways of generating electricity.

For example
  • Using solar energy to draw water from wells and provide pipe-borne water to the masses

  • Wind power, which is abundant in the West African region

  • Using irradiation technology to purify water from rivers, lakes, etc. and to preserve food.

Since the iNet news team is made up mainly of students, the team could take this opportunity to convince the Ministers and the general public to assist students through both African and United States funding sources to study and train in fields of energy in U.S. institutions and implement these studies in Africa.

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Vision and iNet News Contribution Mavis Donkor
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